Flexiseq for Joint Wear and Tear




What is Flexiseq Joint Wear & Tear?

Flexiseq Active is a drug-free solution to provide care and pain relief for joints that are under constant strain. It is specially designed for people who do sports or have an active and sportive lifestyle, who can sometimes have additional pressures put on their joints.

Whether it be football, basketball, tennis, hiking or jogging, Flexiseq Active can provide joint lubrication to help prevent the friction that can lead to joint problems. Flexiseq Active is a long-term solution for sportsmen and women and other active people who wish to protect against friction, wear and tear that might appear in their joints during periods of physical exertion.

For more information on Flexiseq Active Gel please see our FAQ section!

How does Flexiseq Joint Wear & Tear work?

Flexiseq Active is a topical gel which contains sequessome vesicles.  Sequessome helps to target internal joint pain and help bring pain relief through this gel formula.   Sequessome vesicles pass through the skin as the Flexiseq gel evaporates which helps to ease the pain and stiffness in the areas affected.

Flexiseq Active contains less sequessome vesicles than original Flexiseq or the Max Strength variety which makes it more suitable for daily use on joint pain

How quickly does Flexiseq take to work?

When applied twice-daily, users will begin to notice relief from stiffness and pain in the joints within 48 hours. It can take around 2 weeks for the sequessome ingredient to be absorbed fully by the joints and results to be noticed.

It is recommended that the product is used longer term for Flexiseq Active to be fully effective.  Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for advice on directions and choosing the correct course of treatment if you are suffering from osteoarthritis.

How to use Flexiseq Gel?

Flexiseq should be applied twice a day to the affected area and is recommended for external use only.  Apply directly to the surrounding skin to help relieve pain and stiffness in the affected joints.  This should help bring about a noticeable improvement in joint pain in as little as two days, with noticeable improvement taking two weeks.

The following steps should be applied when using Flexiseq;

1..  Apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

2.  Use hands to apply gel covering the front and back of the joint evenly and with enough gel to cover the affected area.Avoid rubbing the formula in.

3.  Allow Flexiseq gel to dry for the recommended 10 minutes.  If the product dries earlier than this, apply a small amount more. Then cover

4.  Wash hands thoroughly after applying, unless hand joints are being treated.

*Discard any unused gel after 3 months.


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