CBD Oil Health Facts

Indeed, depending on the different types of cannabis, the level of CBD can vary, so with this type of extraction, it is possible to collect oil with a high level of CBD. The oils exist in different concentrations to meet the different needs of its users and know different CBD oil health facts. The oils are then offered for sale at rates ranging from 2 to 10% in most shops in France. CBD oil is therefore not pure, it is cut from other organic oils such as coconut, olive, or hemp seeds.

CBD Oil Health Facts

CBD oil is THC free, it is made up only of cannabidiol. The only cannabinoids that can be added will be present only for taste and smell. THC oil is made up of high doses of THC. The famous psychoactive molecule that everyone knows. THC is meant to get us “high” while CBD is more of an anti-stress, anti-inflammatory.

How to consume CBD oil?

Vaporizer, Vaping which one to choose for smoking CBD? The most common consumption of CBD oil is through vaping. Cannabidiol is mixed with liquid for electronic cigarettes and can be vaped directly with any device. However, this is not the best way to consume CBD oil because it is diluted in e-liquid. A cannabis vaporizer that allows you to vape a cannabis head as well as pure CBD oil or also thicker wax. This portable vaporizer can heat the filling chamber evenly and almost instantly. It uses the technique of convection, the CBD oil is then warmed with hot air and has no risk of burning. This process makes it possible to preserve a maximum of aromas and taste as well as very qualitative odors.

Ingest CBD oil

It is possible to ingest CBD oil, the effect will be longer but less pronounced.

A few drops on the tongue or sugar can give you a try.

Ideally, you can also help yourself to an herbal tea or tea with diluted CBD.

Smoking CBD

It is possible to put CBD oil on your cigarette to smoke CBD.

This is unfortunately not a good idea because it is the most harmful consumption for our health.

Also, the effect will not be expected, a large part of the cannabinoids are burned and destroyed.

CBD: A very vague legal aspect

Be careful, the legislation is very vague on the subject and continues to evolve.

CBD was legal and sold in many shops, the storefronts of which you may have noticed flourishing in your streets. Today, it remains legal but at a certain level of concentration. For CBD oil with a high concentration rate, it is better to ask for authorization from your doctor. CBD oil is devoid of THC but is still debated in Australia.

The benefits of CBD

  • Many cannabis users have turned to CBD to stop inhaling THC.
  • It is also well known for its anti-stress effect, CBD is known to be relaxing and to have anti-depressant properties.
  • People with schizophrenia and psychosis may be tempted to try CBD treatment.
  • The anti-epileptic effect of CBD has been proven by the NYU Langone Health studywhich reports that Epidiolex, which is a drug made from CBD, greatly reduces all seizures in people with this pathology.
  • According to the study, the reduction in seizures would reach a very good score of 40%.
  • The anti-tumor effect, many women with breast cancer have seen improve by using CBD Oil.
  • Indeed, this cannabinoid aims to eliminate damaged cells or victims of an anomaly to replace them.