Cannabis Health Products Australia

Cannabis Health Products Australia is a drug that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, with whose resin, leaves, stems, and flowers are made the most widely used illegal drugs in Spain: hashish and marijuana. Its effects on the brain are mainly due to one of its active principles, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is found in different proportions depending on the preparation used.

The three cannabis families

Cannabis sativa

 The biological characteristics of Cannabis sativa are high growth, long flowering time, suitable for warmer climates, and distinct leaf size. These characteristics make Sativa plants hard to ignore as they contrast with their biological characteristics, especially when compared to Cannabis indica.

A Cannabis sativa is capable of growing up to 5 meters or more thanks to the competition it finds in its natural environment. In tropical latitudes, plants grow vertically because they are in constant competition with other plants for sunlight.

Cannabis indica

 The biological characteristics found in Cannabis indica are generally the opposite of those found in saliva. They are stocky and bushy, short-flowering, adapted to cooler climates, and have a wider leaf structure. Over countless years of adaptation, Cannabis indica has managed to spread around the world with ease.

This strain is generally small in stature and grows denser than the typical Christmas tree shape that can be found in Sativa. Normally, Indica plants do not grow more than 3 meters, but they do spread out. This is because they do not fight desperately with their neighbors for sunlight, which allows them to be wider than taller.

Cannabis ruderalis

 Cannabis ruderalis is the big misconception of the cannabis community. The main reason is that ruderalis doesn’t produce a lot of THC, grows extremely small, and tends to flower at a certain age rather than by photoperiods like cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa.

These plants, which are mainly found in countries like Russia and Siberia, are used to mild summer conditions and are treated more like weeds due to their low THC content.

Cannabis Health Products Australia

Some of the Cannabis Health Products Australia are:

The end product of cannabis comes in different forms. Concentrates, flowers, hashish, food products, and vaporizers are just a part of the herbal marijuana product offering. All of them are produced from Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.

  • The concentrates are tested regularly at a concentration of 50 to 99% THC, depending on the raw material and the method used. They come in the form of fragments, distilled, crumbled, oil, or rosin.
  • Flowers are the harvested shoots of a mature cannabis plant. The buds are covered in sticky trichomes which are full of THC and range from 10 to 30%. Buds are actually the natural function of a female Cannabis indica or Sativa to cultivate a multitude of pistils for male pollen. In order to obtain large buds, we will prevent the males from pollinating the females to allow the female to continue her research and thus enlarge.
  • Food products are a method by which we infuse cannabis products, such as butter or concentrate. This method allows us to ingest cannabis instead of smoking it.
  • Vaping marijuana is a new case of cannabis use thanks to technological advances in the industry. Electronic cigarettes can use these concentrates to allow us to smoke without the carcinogenic effect caused by burning tobacco.